About Us

Wisconsin Makers is a makerspace located in Whitewater, WI, serving the needs of makers, creatives, crafters, and artisans in the Southern Wisconsin and North Illinois area. As of January 2016, we’re just getting started but we’re eager and excited to get our ‘space up and running. We have a newly formed Board working with Pete Spangler as well as long time members to make this a thriving makerspace.

Wisconsin Makers is dedicated to a collaborative and educational approach to creativity.  We’re a community of makers and tinkerers fostering an environment where the only limit is our imagination. We hope to work within our communities to share our love of making things with our own hands no matter our skill level. Please join us in working on your craft, sharing what you know, and learning skills from others. We are Wisconsin Makers!

Tours are generally available during the day with Pete Spangler from 10am – 5pm daily. Tours during nights and weekends available on request. We plan to have a weekly open house on Wednesday nights as well, look for it soon!

Wisconsin Makers Inc
200 E Clay Street
Whitewater, WI 53190